Autism and ADHD Screening


The assessment process for Autism and ADHD is a lengthy process, particularly if you go down the NHS route with waiting times of over a year! Private assessments are costly and many people worry that they will be borderline or their neurodiverse traits won't get picked up, particularly if they are excellent maskers.


I started to offer a screening service for Autism and ADHD a year ago as a means of helping my clients to gain clarity on whether they have neurodiverse traits and if it would then be helpful to proceed with a full assessment with a specialist service or whether just knowing they do is enough, without the formal diagnosis. 

My screening service comprises two sixty-minute assessment sessions and a written report. For anyone under the age of 18 years, I will complete an assessment session with the child and then the parents separately. 

The total cost for my screening service is £190. I am offering an introductory price of £160 up until September 2022.

Please enquire for further details.