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Parent Coaching

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Any parent knows that bringing up children is hard and not something you can learn from a text book...if only! Our understanding of how to parent comes from our own experiences as a child and sometimes that means you may find that you


  • Revert to learnt behaviours such as shouting and screaming

  • Struggle  to set healthy boundaries, particularly if this wasn't modelled to you by your own parents

  • Find it difficult to implement and follow through on consequences

It maybe that the way in which you parent one child is not working with another and you are at a loss for what to do. You may have a child that demonstrates considerable anger and you don't know how to respond to this, without making the situation worse. Or your child may have recently received a diagnosis of ASD/ADHD and you would like help navigating what this means for you and the wider family and how to best support your child.

I offer 60 minute parent coaching sessions where I can work with you to:

  • Explore and understand the difficulties you are experiencing at home

  • Identify what maybe contributing to the breakdown in the relationship

  • Explore how you communicate now and how to change this in order to reduce conflict

  • Understand how to better manage your own emotions and feelings

  • Identify how to set and sustain healthy boundaries

Parent coaching sessions are currently available face to face, or over Zoom.

The cost is £60 for 70 minutes.

Please contact me to book a session or for further information.

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