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Grief & Loss

" The paradox of grief is that finding a way of living with the pain is what enables us to heal" Julia Samuels

Grief has the ability to leave you feeling so vulnerable and fragile that just one breath could break you into a thousand pieces!

Grief is all consuming and has no rules. Everybody experiences grief differently, even those in the same family who have lost the same person.

Grief can feel like you are going mad or losing your grip on reality.


These are all completely normal feelings! The secret to any bereavement, whether that is the actual loss of a loved one or the loss of an important part of your life, is to allow yourself to grieve...unprocessed grief sits deep within us and can cause further problems in years to come. 

You may feel unable to talk to anybody else about your grief as there is an expectation that you 'should have moved on' or you may worry about causing further pain to those you live with. I can support you through the grieving process by providing:


  • A safe space where you can talk about distressing and painful emotions and memories.

  • A chance to acknowledge the acute nature of your loss and what life now looks like for you

  • An opportunity to remember your loved one; the sad and happy times.

  • An understanding that you will work through your grief in your own time.

  • An opportunity  to understand what grief is, the ways in which you may experience grief and the different stages you may move though.

  • Strategies for managing your pain and sadness and communicating your needs to those around you.

You maybe experiencing grief due to a change in circumstances; the loss of a job, the breakdown in a relationship, loss of identity, the inability to conceive, a medical diagnosis, adult children leaving the family home. Whatever your circumstances I can help you to explore and make sense of any emotions you may be trying to manage and the impact that the loss has had on your life. Together we can look at how you can start to rebuild your life, build and strengthen your resilience and feel that you have taken back control. 

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