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What's in a name?

A client asked me the other day where I got my inspiration from for the name of my practice. I was happy to share. I wanted a name that could inspire hope and self-belief; something that everyone could relate to, regardless of age or gender. Resilience is the ability to recover from failure, setbacks or challenges. It is a skill that we are born with and also learn to strengthen as we grow by observing resilient people around us and by experiencing life's ups and downs first-hand. Connection is an important component of resilience, as is self-compassion, flexibility and the ability to reframe negative thoughts and experiences.

Counselling is the process of growth through self-discovery and that only takes place by having the courage to allow yourself to be vulnerable and to open yourself up fully, to expose all parts of you that you didn't even know existed. That sounds a bit scary, I hear you say! What if I fall down because I have opened myself up too much and cannot sit with the emotions that my truth may bring? It is the job of the therapist to metaphorically hold you, providing the nourishment that will help to strengthen the roots that keep you standing tall. For me this conjures up an image of an old tree swaying in the wind, exposed yet firmly anchored to the ground by the roots which have been nourished by the fertile soil surrounding it. However, sometimes the storm does get the better and the tree will fall..yet the nourished soil will always give way to new growth. Hence the Resilience Tree embodies everything that I believe the process of counselling has to offer.

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