Walk and Talk Sessions

If you love stepping out into Nature and feeling the fresh air in your lungs, whilst surrounding yourself with open countryside, you might be interested in trying counselling in the great outdoors!


'Walk and Talk' sessions let you combine talking therapy with physical exercise and for some this can feel less anxiety-provoking than sitting down opposite someone for 50 minutes. The benefits of walking for physical and mental health have been widely researched and include:

  • reduced anxiety and stress levels

  • reduced risk of heart disease and stroke

  • increased heart and lung fitness

  • improved immune system function

  • improved sleep

  • increased metabolic rate which contributes to better weight management

I am currently running 'Walk and Talk' sessions in the beautiful, historic Tring Park in Hertfordshire, once part of the Rothschild family estate. There is plenty of room to walk, whilst maintaining social distance (in line with Covid-19 regulations) and parking is available close to the entry of the park. The session would take place over 50 minutes and walks are suited to your pace and stamina. The session is priced at £50 for 50 minutes, in line with my face to face counselling sessions. 

Our initial meeting would take place via an online Zoom session so that we can discuss the support you are looking for and any health and safety considerations.  Please contact me for more information.