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In-person or online appointments
(based in Tring near Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire)




Are you living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder/ ADHD or are you a parent, partner or sibling of someone who has either or both o these conditions?


Have you, a partner, sibling or child recently been diagnosed and are struggling to come to terms with what this now means?


Maybe you or they don't have an official diagnosis but it is something that you are exploring and would like to talk it through with a professional who understands Autistic Spectrum Disorders and ADHD/ADD, particularly the different ways in which they present in women and girls...


Grief & Loss
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Are you struggling to come to terms with the  death of a loved one? Have you lost a much loved animal and are feeling lost without them?


Grief extends wider than death to the loss of a relationship or friendship, the loss of a job, a change in financial circumstances, the inability to conceive, miscarriage, abortion, the loss of good health, a terminal diagnosis, adult children leaving the family home...


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Are you struggling to overcome an addiction and feel like you need additional support?


Perhaps you are living with someone who is struggling and want somewhere safe to talk about the impact this is having on you and the family.  


Maybe you just want to cut down on your drinking/ smoking/eating and want help trying to achieve this...


Anxiety &

Do you wake up in the morning with a knot in your stomach and a feeling of dread?


Perhaps you or your child is suffering from panic attacks and you would like to understand why.


Does health or social anxiety leave you unable to enjoy life or are you experiencing intrusive thoughts and obsessive compulsive behaviours (OCD) which restrict your ability to live your life?

Are you or your child lacking confidence and suffering from low-self esteem? Perhaps you don't like who you are or feel misunderstood by others...

Therapy Sessions
Group Therapy
Resilient Women

Resilient Women is a psycho-spiritual group for neurodiverse women who want to connect with their true authentic selves in order to access their inner guidance.


It's for those women who wish to heal their wounds and release their trauma in a safe space, surrounded by like-minded women who fully understand and accept each other, without judgement.

It's a group where we learn to surrender to the creative forces of the Universe, that lie both within and outside of us, in order to manifest our dreams and unlock our highest potential.


Alternative Wednesdays 6.30pm till 8pm

To book a place or for more information call 

07815 076369 or email

I also run Resilient Girls which is a social skills development group for teenagers with ASD and or ADHD. Please get in touch for more information.


Energy Healing

If you are on a spiritual journey and wish to explore this further, I am able to offer an open-minded approach to mind, body and soul work. We spend a lot of time focusing on healing our physical body and mind but forget about our energy body and soul in the process. 

Emotions are energy and when we internalise our feelings they start to somatise within our physical body and present as chronic pain and ill health. This in turn can affect our energy body leaving us fatigued and feeling 'blocked' in life.


Energy management is essential for anyone who is highly empathic and sensitive, whether or not you have a neurodiverse condition alongside this.

Energy balance and clearance is something that I help all my clients to understand in more depth.

About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm an Integrative Counsellor and a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).


I specialise in working with Autism, ADHD/ADD, Bereavement, Addiction, Anxiety and Self-esteem with Adults, Adolescents and Older Children through individual or group sessions.

I also offer coaching to parents and run a weekly ASD/ADHD Information and Advice Clinic. Appointments are available worldwide.

I run an advisory service to Corporate organisations, large and small, who wish to better understand and support their neurodiverse employees.

I offer a warm, friendly, safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for you or your child to explore difficult thoughts and feelings and to develop new skills for how to manage them.

Getting Help

I offer a range of sessions to suit your needs and allow you to access therapy no matter where you are based.

You choose the option that works best for you!


Face to Face








Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along
Rae Smith
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