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Adapting to Lockdown!

As we approach the end of the third week of 'lockdown', I'm finding that how I feel day to day is very much dependent upon whether my heart or my head is taking charge! After a couple of days of reducing my contact to the news and outside world, being more present in the moment and focusing on my family, my heart is most definitely leading the way! As I sit here and type I am feeling content and calm and happy that the sun is shining. However, I am very aware that if I were to turn on the news or pick up my phone to scroll through the latest Twitter updates, this balance would shift.

Our mental health is driven by the constant battle taking place between our heads and hearts. Sometimes we can choose which we engage with more, whereas other times it may feel that we have no influence over which takes the lead. This weekend however I am choosing to engage with my heart, to enjoy time with my family in the sunshine (in the safety of my own home) and to switch off from those external factors which I know will change that balance and produce anxiety and uncertainty.

What will you choose?

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